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THE BLUEROOM PROJECT presents the I edition of “Analysis on Gastronomic Tourism 2018”


The Blueroom Project has published the I edition of “Analysis on Gastronomic Tourism 2018” at a national level. It is research on patterns about travels through culinary experiences with the aim to evaluate the evolution of this market and provide a forecast for the years to come. The report, which was developed in the first half of 2018, collects the opinion of nearly 200 professionals of the Spanish touristic industry, 65% of them are travel agents and tour operators.

Following this report on travels through culinary experiences, 80% of the interviewees believe that Gastronomy is a key factor when deciding a destination and is decisive in the traveller’s selection. Furthermore, 73% professionals interviewed has perceived an increase of demand over the last years, and from this percentage, 42% consider it as a “significant” increase. Simultaneously, the gastronomic tourism is emerging a real segment of the touristic market: 44% of the interviewees offer a gastronomic package, while 24% of them is not offering this product yet but they are planning to make a start.


Analysis on Gastronomic Tourism 2018


Concerning the gastro-tourist profile, the conclusions derived from the report developed by The Blueroom Project, show that men and women ranging between 36 and 55 years old prefer to travel in couple during 2-3 days and spend between 100 and 1,000 euros.

With respect to destinations, for the Travel industry, the Basque Country, Galicia, Andalusia, Catalonia, Asturias and La Rioja are the most gourmet regions in Spain. Indeed, more than a half of all the professionals interviewed will suggest to their clients a trip to León on the occasion of this city designated as the Spanish Capital of Gastronomy 2018m while France, Italy, Japan, Peru, Mexico or Thailand are considered the most gourmet countries.


Full report at TBP Observatory




A new book by Rafael Alberto Pérez: “Estrategar: Vivir la estrategia” (“Being strategic. Living the strategy”)


Rafael Alberto Pérez has launched his new book “Estrategar: Vivir la estrategia” (“Being strategic. Living the strategy”) in a Keynote Speech given during the celebration of the 33rd International Congress of Public Relations organised by CONFIARP in Argentina last September 2018. This book, written in collaboration with Alejandro Pérez-Ferrant, CEO and founder of The Blueroom Project, joins a long list of references by this author on Strategy, such as “Estrategias de Comunicación” (Ariel 2001); (“Strategies on Communications”, published by Ariel, 2001), “Hacia una Teoría General de la Estratégica” (Ariel 2009) (“Towards a General Theory on Strategy”, published by Ariel, 2001) and “Pensar la Estrategia” (La Crujía, 2012) (“Thinking on the Strategy, published by La Crujía, 2012), among others.

In this fourth book, “Estrategar: Vivir la estrategia” (“Being strategic. Living the strategy”), the author solves two pending problems of a total of 8 that he had detected: conceptual confusion and the theoretical weakness of this discipline as it is presently taught at Universities and Business Schools. Two problems that, however, have a common origin: not correcting the strategic phenomenon.


Being strategic. Living the strategy


Strategic Adviser and Consultant in The Blueroom Project, Rafael Alberto Pérez is Professor Emeritus at the Complutense University of Madrid, Honorary President of the Ibero-American Forum on Strategies of Communication and of the CINTE (, Guest Professor in over 120 Universities, Member of (Publishing Board of Directors) and reference author on Strategy ((Universidad Nacional de Lomas de Zamora 2018). His work is composed of 8 books: “Hacia una Teoría General de la Estratégica” (Ariel 2009) (“Towards a General Theory on Strategy”, published by Ariel, 2001); “Pensar la Estrategia” (La Crujía, 2012) (“Thinking on the Strategy, published by La Crujía, 2012) and “Pensar la Estrategia” (La Crujía, 2012) (“Thinking on the Strategy, published by La Crujía, 2012), 3 book coordinations, 17 chapters of a book, 3 prefaces and more than a hundred articles published in 5 languages in 8 different countries.




Costa Rica Week Celebration in Madrid


On the occasion of the International Day of Tourism which took place last September 27th, the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT) has celebrated “The Week of Costa Rica in Madrid”. This event has been focused on presenting this destination to the public in general through the travel store Pangea, including a broad miscellaneous programme of different activities.


Costa Rica week. Pangea The Travel Store


Among the activities organised were included huge screens that showed videos of this destination, workshops for children, the recreation of a jungle space within the agency and the promotional of the traditional “café chorreado”, typical coffee of this country. Furthermore, they showed 360º videos using 3D glasses of the destination to create an engaging experience.




The Blueroom Project, selected as the Communications Agency for the new brand ‘BLESS Collection Hotels’ of the Palladium Hotel Group


The Blueroom Project has been selected as the Communications Agency for ‘BLESS Collection Hotels’, a new hotel brand of the Palladium Hotel Group targeted at the contemporary luxury market. The first Bless Collection Hotels property will open in Madrid in November 2018, followed by Ibiza in 2019.


BLESS Collection Hotels of the Palladium Hotel Group


The BLESS brand aims to offer a friendly and highly customised service to meet the needs of the modern traveller. Key design features of the ‘BLESS Collection Hotels’ brand will include ‘sensory architecture’ that will define the hotel ambience, collaborative work spaces, social areas and charge points.


BLESS Hotel Madrid will be located on Calle de Velázquez in the heart of the city and will comprise 111 rooms, rooftop pool in Sky Lounge, spa and gym, gourmet restaurant, three bars and conference spaces.

The restaurant will be run by the world famous Basque chef, Martin Berasategui, holder of eight Michelin stars in total, more than any other Spanish chef. His eponymous restaurant in the Basque Country, which has three Michelin stars, has previously been voted “the best restaurant in the world”.

The hotel’s interiors are by renowned Spanish designer and architect Lázaro Rosa-Violan, whose Contemporain studio in Barcelona is behind some of the country’s most iconic venues. Lázaro’s mission is to give the hotel an authentically Madrid spirit and flavour.


The brand’s onward expansion will focus on stylish districts in cosmopolitan cities and premium holiday beach destinations. The art and entertainment offering will draw on the destinations’ cultural agendas and will include DJ sets and live music, fashion shows, pop-ups, performance & visual art and photography exhibitions.




PARAMOUNT Miami Worldcenter skyrise prepares for the future of flying cars


PARAMOUNT Miami Worldcenter developer Dan Kodsi is preparing for the future of urban aviation by making modifications to the rooftop design of the tower in order to accommodate a 5,000-square-foot Skyport atop his new 60-story downtown Miami high-rise.


PARAMOUNT Miami Worldcenter_skyport


A veteran developer, with a masters in urban planning and background as a recreational pilot, Kodsi has built more than 6,000 units over the course of his 30-year career. Today, he is readying his state-of-the-art future-forward residential tower, with the ability to convert its rooftop into a Skyport for vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) aircraft, also known as passenger drones, or what some may call “flying cars.”


One day, PARAMOUNT Miami Worldcenter residents could seamlessly ride a sleek glass elevator up to the luxury tower’s private rooftop, where they could be picked up or dropped off by on-demand aircraft.



Japan and fashion on the Spanish National Television (TVE)

Japan and fashion on the Spanish National Television


On January 16, the Japan National Tourism Organisation (JNTO) and the Embassy of Japan in Spain held an event to celebrate the 150th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Spain and Japan, in which tourism, culture, sport and fashion were the main protagonists. Among the different communication actions, The Blueroom Project managed the presence of the fashion designer Junko Koshino, special guest of the celebration, in the “Flash Moda” (“Flash Fashion”) program of TVE.

During the interview, which was broadcasted on March 17, the fashion designer presented her creations based on the reinvention of the kimono, the traditional costume of the Japanese culture. In addition, Koshino spoke about her origins and influences, which were reflected in the fashion show of her designs during the event.

Japan and fashion on the Spanish National Television

Flash Moda is TVE’s leading fashion program, with an audience of over 760,000 viewers, broadcasting on weekends. Flash Moda is presented by Nieves Álvarez, an internationally acclaimed fashion model.



The Blueroom Project presents the New Strategic Theory – NTE in Asia


Two members of The Blueroom Projectґs team, our senior strategic expert – PhD. Emeritus Professor – Rafael Alberto Pérez and our CEO, Alejandro Pérez-Ferrant, lecturing as guest professors in February at the prestigious Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok teaching master degree students from Thailand, Taiwan, China, India and Vietnam about communications strategy and presenting the New Strategic Theory – NST (Nueva Teoría Estratégica – NTE) for the first time in Asia at the master degree class of Professor and consultant Khun Narudee Kristhanin.






New book Strategic Management in Tourism is coming out



New international book on strategic management in tourism, with the participation of The Blueroom Project, is coming out!

The Blueroom Project collaborates on the 3rd edition of Strategic Management in Tourism through the work of Rafael Alberto Pérez and Alejandro Pérez Ferrant. The book has been coordinated by Professors Moutinho and Vargas and published by CABI.

For additional information:



Multi-disciplinary successful performance by The Blueroom Project at Fitur 2018


The Blueroom Project_Fitur 2018


During the last edition of FITUR, The Blueroom Project has successfully managed the communications and marketing of a very diverse list of premium clients and relevant brands of the tourism, luxury and lifestyle sector.

The Fair was the showcase for Tourism Authorithy of Thailand to introduce the destination’s hot news by presenting Thailand as the first Asian country to host the fourth edition of the World Forum of UNWTO on Gastronomic Tourism. Thus, The Blueroom Project held a press conference and a networking lunch with more than 60 attendees.

On the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the establishment of the diplomatic relations between Japan and Spain, TBP summoned for Japan National Tourism Office around 200 key professionals in the travel field, who enjoyed diverse cultural and traditional representations. Moreover, during the Fair, The Blueroom Project had meetings with more than 100 communication media and tour operators. Also, The Blueroom Project had managed till 20 meetings for South African Tourism and received more than 40 professionals for Costa Rican Tourism Office.

In addition, Qatar Airways and Santa Eulària des Riu Tourism (Ibiza) presented their new, new things for 2018, like the launch of new routes and destinations for Qatar Airways and the strengthened seal of Family Tourism of Santa Eulària des Riu, in front of 40 and 35 nationally renowned media, respectively. Furthermore, Blueroom organized the weekend´s activities for both clients, like massages and face painting for Qatar Airways and a clown and balloons that enlivened the fair for Eulària des Riu.


The Blueroom Project presents the observatory
“Luxury Travel Trends”



luxury_report_2018_the blueroom project


The Blueroom Project presents the V Edition 2017-2018 of the Observatory “Luxury Travel Trends” with the aim of continuing with the research that consults the tourism industry professionals on the trends that build up the travel sector, and in In this specific case, obtain an X-ray about luxury travel and its evolution, analyse the habits of high-end travellers, observe current and future trends.

This fifth edition, prepared by the members of the Pangea Network, was held in the fourth quarter of 2017 in Latin America, the United States and seven European countries: France, Germany, Italy, Scandinavia, Spain, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. The sample is composed of 636 professionals from the tourism industry and 486 of them (77%) were travel agents or tour operators.

See the full report on this link